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Carmen at the O2 Arena:

Thank you so much for all your hard work in bringing this production to fruition. That it all went so well is down to your detailed planning and your ability to recruit a first class team to work with you. I know there were immense problems which had to be overcome at O2, but you coped magnificently with everything.
We all greatly appreciate how fortunate we are to have you working on our productions.
Raymond Gubbay

I wanted to thank everyone who was involved in the production of Carmen for a great show. Simon, I have already told you what a star you are.
Ingrid Sutej
Director Content Development - O2

Dallas Sweetman by Sebastian Barry at Canterbury Cathedral:

From our point of view 'on the floor' the crew brought together by the amazing - if eccentric - Simon Byford were an excellent, hand-picked bunch and all my colleagues have said that it was the most helpful, co-operative and sensitive crew we have had here for a long time. They respected where they were, were sensitive to their surroundings, extremely accommodating of all our many other services, visitors and events during their stay, and were then in turn respected by the staff, who did all they could to help.
For any future events on this scale, can we book Simon again??
Chris Crooks
The Vesturer
Canterbury Cathedral

ArtsFest 98, Birmingham

To be properly appreciative of all you did to make ArtsFest 98 such a success, I should be writing you a letter on a scale that would require Pickfords to deliver it. However, please take these few words as standing for such a larger volume! Quite simply, your input to the project, and all your incredibly hard work, transformed its appearance, its production values and the look/sound of the performances from a rather ordinary municipal project to something that's commanded very widespread admiration indeed here, from participants, from audiences/spectators, and from commentators. I can't remember a project where I felt the production management was in such secure, inventive and generous hands. Thank you, hugely, for your belief in, and your enormous contribution, to ArtsFest 98.
Anthony Sargent
Head of Arts, Birmingham City Council